Donna's Suggestions

Hi.  I was super excited when our library director, Carolyn, asked if I’d share my favorite reads with all of you!

My specialty is fiction from various genres (thriller, suspense, science fiction, mysteries, fantasy and dark fiction, but historical fiction is my absolute favorite).  If a book has humor, time travel or strong female characters, that's a plus.

Occasionally I'll check out non-fiction, lighter reads or just depart from my "comfort zone", and you'll find those in the "surprise" category.

To make my suggestions list, there has to be either good writing, an interesting plot or believable characters.  Selecting one of the categories will show my suggestions with author’s name, publication date, a quick plot summary and why I liked it.

Feel free to let me know your thoughts or suggestions of what I should read next. 

Donna (updated April 6, 2017)

P.S.  I HATE spoilers, so no worries about having any revealed below!

Detective / Thrillers

Adventure / Science Fiction / Fantasy

Humor / Lighter Reads

Historical Fiction

Audio Books