Donna's Surprises

OK, I decided to read a Western – something I hadn’t done since my horse-crazy teenage years.  

  1. Pirate Hunters by Robert Kurson – 2015. True account of the search for a 17th C pirate ship which was last seen in the Dominican Republic.  Legendary scuba divers are willing to risk everything to find The Golden Fleece, a ship stolen by its merchant captain.  A very interesting story.
  2. I Am Malala by Malala Yousafzai – 2013.  Autobiography of the young Pakistani girl who questioned the Taliban’s prejudice against women and who promoted  education for all children, not just boys.  Her story is told from infanthood, when her father declared her to be a special person and fostered her love of learning and social justice.  Fantastic story of courage and parental love in a culture where only males have value.
  3. Upstairs at the White House by J. B. West – 1973.  With the Presidential race heating up, you may want to escape to a more relaxed time by reading about First Ladies from 1941-1969.  The author was Chief Usher at the White House which entailed working with the First Ladies.  Not a “kiss and tell” book filled with gossip, but anf insightful look at what he observed of their private and public lives, their desire to make their mark and challenges this posed to the White House staff.
  4. Food Rules by Michael Pollen – 2009.  Looking to eat a healthier diet but unsure how to do it?  Given conflicting information, differing opinions, recommendations and information overload, it can be confusing.  The author’s done his homework to give us common sense rules that simplify the decision-making process.  It makes more sense than fad diets or giving up your favorite comfort food forever.
  5. Merle's Door by Ted Kerasote - 2007.  Non-fiction account of a stray puppy rescued in the Utah desert.  The author mixes observations of Merle's life with stories and information about animal research to create a compelling read for anyone who likes dogs.\
  6. The Sisters Brothers by Patrick deWitt – 2011.  A tale of two mercenary brothers told to “take care” of a problematic person during California’s Gold Rush.   Strange but strangely compelling and well-written.