Visiting the Beyond (and interactive Zoom presentation) by Curt Strutz

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 - 7:00pm

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a REAL haunted house looks like?  This  INTERACTIVE ZOOM and extremely unique presentation does just that!  Introducing the "Visiting the Beyond" haunted paranormal lecture series!

Join in on a journey like no other, as you take tours through some of the nation's most haunted locations - possibly including abandoned hospitals, schools, asylums, homes, and more!  All done with original photography, deep history, and haunted experiences!

Presentations, done by Strutz, are a fun mix of history, photography, story telling, and humor.  His background (and close to ten years experience with these lectures) make for a presentation like no other!  Curt has featured these lectures at hundreds of libraries, museums, and has been a past guest speaker at Troy Taylor's Haunted America Conference, and was a keynote headline speaker for the Illinois Paranormal Conference a few years back.  He was featured on TV and newspaper coverage, as well.  

This program is best for teens and up.  Email or phone 608-767-4905 to pre-register and receive the Zoom link.