Social Media Policy


  1. Purpose

The Black Earth Public Library uses social media to maintain a community-focused presence, as it applies to the Library’s mission statement. Social media provides an avenue for users to discover library services and resources, and learn about upcoming events and library news. 

Posts made by library staff on Library social media platforms shall assist with the Library’s mission statement, and may include Library announcements; promotion of free thought, speech, press, dissemination of knowledge, instruction and study; links to resources; and relevant news from outside the library. Staff shall not post anything that violates the Library’s role in the community as a free, non-partisan, and not-for-profit organization. Staff shall respect copyright laws when posting someone else’s work, and attributing it to the original author and linking to the work’s original publication. 

  1. Content & Platforms

The library’s social media profiles and platforms may include the following: 

  1. Basic library information, such as hours, location, and contact details
  2. Photos and videos of the library building, staff, and special events
  3. Schedules of upcoming events
  4. Readers’ advisory tools and featured resources from the collection
  5. Links to the library’s resource-discovery tools, including LINKcat
  6. Other appropriate applications developed by library staff or a third party

No Black Earth Public Library-related page may be made without the consent of the Library Director. Logins and passwords for all Black Earth Public Library platforms must be given to the Library Director for oversight. Anything posted on the Black Earth Public Library official pages are the responsibility of the Library Director.

  1. Original posts

Library staff can make original posts and comments on the library’s platforms. These guidelines apply to content the library posts via all social media accounts and tools. Staff must conduct themselves as representatives of the Library and the Village of Black Earth.

  1. Privacy

The links between the library’s Facebook profile and users’ profiles can create a positive sense of community. However, as users post more of their personal information online, library staff must take a responsible approach to the privacy of both users and staff. The Library Staff reserve the right to take down an abusive or inappropriate posts that violate this policy. Posting of names should only be used when permission has been granted by the subject, and will not be used for commercial purposes. 

  1. Moderation of Content

The Black Earth Public Library’s social media serves as a limited public forum and all content published is subject to monitoring. User-generated posts will be removed (if possible) when the content includes: 

  1. Vulgar, obscene, or illegal content
  2. Harassing, threatening, defamatory, or discriminatory content
  3. Offensive terms targeting protected classes
  4. Plagiarized material or material in violation of copyright
  5. Personal information without consent
  6. Commercial or political solicitations or spam
  7. Statements that incite or promote violence of illegal activities

Any comments or posts that are taken down from the site must be documented by the employee responsible for the site and turned in to the Library Director. Documentation must include a copy of the post, time of post, date of post, name of individual responsible for the content, and any other relevant information to the situation. User’s posts that are removed will be securely retained for 1 year, with the exception of posts that may contain illegal content, which will be released to the appropriate authorities.

The Library reserves the right to ban or block users who have posted in violation of this policy. If it is determined that a specific user has violated the Social Media policy three or more times within any 12-month period, Library Staff may delete the content, or block or ban the user account to prevent further violations. The duration of the block or ban is determined by the Library Director and is based on the severity of the behavior.

  1. Appeal Process

Users of social media who have had their content removed may submit a written appeal to the Library Director. Upon receipt, the Library Director or their designee will review the appeal and provide a response via email or traditional mail within 10 business days. 

  1. Responsibility

Users alone are responsible for the content they post on the library’s social media page(s). 

The library assumes no responsibility for any judgements, damages, or other negative repercussions that arise from or are related to posted content. 

Black Earth Public Library’s participation in social media does not constitute endorsement of the content or views expressed by the participants, including staff. 

Social media is not the mechanism used by the Library to document or address Library user problems or concerns, or influence library policy, procedures, or programs. All complaints or concerns should be emailed to the Library Director.

  1. Other Pages

The library may connect to the social media pages of other groups and individuals, for instance by “liking” a page on Facebook. Staff should exercise judgement in deciding which pages are appropriate to connect to in this way. The library does not use social media to imply endorsement of political figures or beliefs, religious organizations, or commercial entities. Library staff reserves the right to remove any comments, “likes” or tags. 

  1. Public Record

While all Public Libraries are limited public forums, all Black Earth Public Library social media accounts are subject to the State of Wisconsin Public record law 19.21 and 43.30. Any content on these sites related to Library Business is considered public record.


Adopted 04-16-2024