Safety Policy


  1. The Black Earth Public Library Board may enact regulations that serve to insure the safety of all Library staff and patrons.  “Every public Library shall be free for the use of the inhabitants of the municipality by which it is established and maintained, subject to such reasonable regulations as the Library Board prescribes in order to render its use most beneficial to the greatest number.  The Library Board may exclude from the use of the public Library all persons who willfully violate such regulations” [Wisconsin State Statute Chapter 43.52(2)].
  2. The Library Board is committed to providing an atmosphere where people of all ages are comfortable using the Library facility (as well as to furnish a safe employment place [Wisconsin State Statute Chapter 101.11(2)(a)] ).
  3. Inappropriate behavior includes any activity that disturbs others, interferes with Library operations, damages the building or its furnishings, rudeness, profanity, or any other behavior generally deemed inappropriate or unacceptable.
  4. Library staff is to take appropriate action regarding violations of this policy up to and including contacting Law Enforcement personnel.

Specific Guidelines

  1. Prohibited Behavior
    The following are examples of prohibited behavior.  The Library Board and staff reserve the right to regulate behavior within the facility.
    • Threatening behavior-such as shaking fists, destroying property or throwing objects.
    • Verbal or written threats-any expression of intent to inflict harm.
    • Behavior that causes a public disturbance.
    • Verbal abuse-swearing, insults or condescending language.
    • Physical attacks-hitting, shoving, pushing or kicking.
    • Harassment-any behavior that demeans, embarrasses, humiliates, alarms or verbally abuses a person and that is known or would be expected to be unwelcome. This includes words, gestures, intimidation, bullying, or other inappropriate activities.
    • Children that are behaving inappropriately are the responsibility of their parents or caregivers.  Child safety is the responsibility of the caregiver, not the library.  (See Computer and Office Machine Use Policy for policy specific to children’s use of computers.)
  2. Harassment, according to Wisconsin State Statues 813.125, is defined the following way:
    • “Striking, shoving, kicking or otherwise subjecting another person to physical contact or attempting or threatening to do the same.”
    • “Engaging in a course of conduct or repeatedly committing acts which harass or intimidate another person and which serve no legitimate purpose.”