Mission and Vision Statements

Black Earth Public Library’s Vision Statement

The Black Earth Public Library aspires to offer the citizens of the Village a safe, accessible, attractive place conducive to learning, research, enlightenment, creativity and enjoyment.

Adopted April 20, 2004
Readopted May 19, 2009

Mission and Goal Statements

A.  The mission of the Black Earth Public Library shall be to provide quality materials and services which fulfill educational, informational, cultural, and recreational needs of the entire community in an atmosphere that is welcoming and respectful.

B.  The general goals of the Black Earth Public Library shall be:

  1. To serve all residents of the community and surrounding townships.
  2. To acquire and make available such books, audiovisuals, periodicals, technology and services to satisfy user needs.
  3. To have resources to provide the most frequently requested materials from its collection or through system requests.
  4. To maintain a program of service which locates requested information or makes referrals in a timely manner.
  5. To maintain membership in system in good-standing and adhere to Dane County standards, which exceed State standards.
  6. To provide programs for youth, especially the Summer Reading Program, that enhance individual interests, pursuit of knowledge, encourage extra-curricular reading and promote library use.
  7. To review regularly these objectives of the Black Earth Public Library and, if necessary, revise them in the light of new developments.