Material Selection Policy


Titles selected for this collection will be extra copies of popular titles that are part of our regular collection, or recent releases that the library deems to have a short term, high demand popularity. Selections will be made with both the adult and younger audiences in mind.


The Black Earth Library must already own one copy of the DVD that is circulating in the South Central Library System.

Money used to purchase the DVDs must come from a source other than the Library’s Operating Budget.

The DVDs must be high demand titles: meaning the hold list must be over 200 requests.

Someone from Black Earth must have a hold on the movie OR someone from Black Earth must suggest the purchase of the movie.

Rental DVDs (green label) will be free of charge.

Rental DVDs (green label) may be checked out for 1 week.

The Library will use money from fines and donations to support the collection and will purchase 25 titles per year.

The collection will be a first come first serve browsing collection.

The collection will be created in a hidden catalog record, so they will circulate only to browsing customers who come into the library and check them out, and thus cannot be placed on hold or renewed.


Adopted by the Black Earth Public Library Board of Trustees

At an open public meeting in the Library

Date 12-20-2005